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Adding gigs to the front page

The front page lists gigs that are upcoming. In order to add gigs you need to complete the following steps:
  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. Create a band
  4. Add a gig
  5. Set the location


If you have not done so already, register with GigKeeper first.

Log in

If you have not done so already, log in to GigKeeper.

Create a band

If you have not done so already, create a band. The link also appears at the bottom of your My Stuff page. If you want the band and its events to be publicly accessible, make sure 'List in directory' is checked.

Add a gig

Go to the band page, which can be selected at the bottom of your My Stuff page.

Click on 'add a new gig'. Make sure you set the exposure to 'Public' and the status to Definite if you want this gig to be listed on the GigKeeper front page.

Set the location

Click on the 'Location' tab. Type in the address, or navigate around the map and click on a location.

My gig does not appear---what is wrong?

In order for a gig to be listed the following conditions must be true:

  1. The band must have its 'List in directory' flag set. If you are not sure that it is, you can check out the 'Profile' tab on the band page and update the flag if necessary.
  2. The gig must have its exposure set to 'Public' and its status set to 'Definite'. If you're not sure go to the My Stuff page, click on the gig, check, and update if necessary.
  3. The location must be set and be within the specified distance.

Questions or Suggestions?

This thing is brand new. If you have problems or suggesions, let me know at

Robbert van Renesse, Ithaca, NY.

In case of problems with these pages, please contact Robbert van Renesse.